Why my birthday is the best day of the year

Why my birthday is the best day of the year

Today is the 7th anniversary of my 29th birthday! I know at this age I should probably start dreading birthdays, but I don’t, and not just because I stopped aging a few years ago. Let me tell you why my birthday is the absolute best day of the year.

Reason #1: I’m basically the Queen all day long. If there’s something I don’t want to do, I can just play the birthday card to my advantage:

“Dishes? But I’m the birthday girl!”

“You can drive today honey; it’s my birthday.”

The kids are acting up? No worries, I’ll guilt them into behaving,

“You can’t throw a tantrum today, it’s my birthday! It’s supposed to be a special day!”

Reason #2: I get smothered with affection from my babies. They know who gave them life and they know what Mom loves more than anything. Lots of huggies and kissies for me. All. Day. Long. This makes my mommy heart happy.

Reason #3: Nothing Bundt Cake. Need I say more? If you sign up for their birthday club, they give you a free bundlet the week of your birthday.

Reason #4: Along with #3, free meals all the way around. Lunch dates with friends + dinner dates with family members = no cooking for me. Plus, I really like spending time with these people.

Reason #5: Special privileges. This morning, my 6 year old told me,

“You can do anything you want on your birthday. Even if I make a secret hide-out that says ‘no girls allowed’, you are allowed because it’s your birthday”.

Sweet! I’ve always wanted to go inside a top secret, ‘no girls allowed’ hide-out!

Reason #6: For one day a year, everyone remembers how much they love me and they post super nice things about me on Facebook; I feel like a rock star.

All of this is short lived. In 4 days, it’s my husband’s birthday, which means my crown will have to be passed on to him. So I will enjoy all of these perks for as long as they will give them to me!

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