This little piggy had a birthday!

This little piggy had a birthday!

Yes, you read the headline right. We just had a piggy birthday party…for a real pig!

One year ago, Miss Piggy was born. My dad picked her out of her litter when she was a newborn, having made the decision to get a pet pig months before. She was brought home in December and named after the muppet Miss Piggy; she was my grandma’s favorite character so it was somewhat of an homage to my grandma to give her this name.

Why not get a dog, like a regular person? you might ask. I don’t know if I have an answer for that. Dad saw all these fun posts floating around on the internet about mini pigs and, after doing his research, decided that was going to be the pet for him. Pigs are actually very intelligent animals and have been said to make great pets. Turns out, she is pretty smart! She mastered the command to sit in three tries. She is potty trained (she has one potty spot in the backyard and a litter box inside the house in her pig pen, where she sleeps).

Originally, Dad wanted a male pig. When the litter was born with only one male (and other people ahead of him on the wait list for a male), Dad decided he would move forward with a girl.

“But if we’re getting a girl,” he said, “she is going to be the girliest pig you’ve ever seen. We’re going to get her a tutu and pearls and the whole-nine-yards.” If you’ve ever met my dad, then you know just how funny this statement is, coming from him-one of the manliest men I think I know. Not a girly bone in his body.

We’ve had lots of fun with Miss Piggy over the past 10 months. She’s taught us the true meaning of the phrase “squeal like a pig” (pigs do NOT like to be picked up!!) She’s helped my dad immensely with the rototilling he needed done in the backyard. She provides great entertainment for the kids. Miss Piggy enjoys playing with them in the backyard with her beach ball. They play a chase game with cheerios; Miss Piggy will do just about anything for cheerios! She loves all food, as a matter of fact. Nothing ever goes to waste with a pig in the house! She’s such a pig!

We wasted no time in getting Miss Piggy her girly girl accessories, tutu and pearls included. Every so often we give her little piggies (ha ha) a nice polish. Important note about that: you can’t use any old nail polish on pigs; it could be toxic if ingested. My dad found special “piggy polish” to paint her nails with.

Miss Piggy has attracted a lot of attention from family, friends and neighbors. Many people have brought their kids over to see her, disbelieving that Dad could have a real-live pig living in his house! We’ve had so much fun with her that we decided she needed to have her very own piggy birthday party. My dad’s oldest sister just so happened to be visiting from out of town this weekend, so we planned a little family celebration for Miss Piggy’s 1st birthday!

Of course, Miss Piggy needed to get dolled up for her big day. Dad gave her a little spa day, complete with a bath, a splash of perfume and a pedicure. Every lady needs pretty toes on her special day! I made her a special piggy hat and my Aunt brought her some birthday necklaces to add to her usual pearls.

We weren’t really sure how the hat and all the foo-foo would work out with Miss Piggy. She must have sensed that it was all about her because she didn’t fuss in the least when we primped her up. She strutted her stuff for the camera and we had a fun little photo shoot as all of her guests arrived. We took a few pictures inside the house and then let her outside to roam in the backyard. She was in piggy heaven and helped me clear a lot of the weeds in my backyard (where the party was being held).

Check out that birthday girl smile!

Of course no birthday party is complete without cake and presents. My sister made her a carrot cake. Piggy loves carrots! She was quite a lady eating it. She wasn’t nearly as sloppy as I expected her to be.

She did a pretty good job opening up her presents. Ryder helped her to open up the presents that were wrapped and read her the cards.

My Aunt Sharon made her a personalized cape to wear.

What a spoiled little piggy! One thing is for sure, she sure is Some Pig. It was as good an excuse as any to get together with family and celebrate something happy.

And that’s the end of our piggy birthday tail!

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