Aubrey’s Got Talent-Part 2

Aubrey’s Got Talent-Part 2

Remember when I told you that my daughter made it into the city’s “America’s Got Talent” show? Well, this past weekend was the show. I am really excited to share her video with you today! She sang the song “Popular” from the Broadway Musical “Wicked” (hence, the pink Glenda dress).

To start with, this show was no joke; I felt like we were in the big leagues! Every act was amazing and full of great talent. The emcee shared that this year they had the most talent they’d ever seen show up to auditions. With over 70 live auditions, only 19 people made it into the show, and Aubrey was one of them! I consider that a win right there!!

I knew going into this that it would be a tough competition. I talked with Aubrey about doing her very best, but not getting down on herself if she didn’t win. She’s only been taking voice lessons for a year. She has participated in her school talent shows, a couple of voice recitals and has sang solos in church, but this was her first competition and by far the biggest thing she’s ever done. I truly felt like it was a huge accomplishment just to get in the show.

Unfortunately, Aubrey did not place in this year’s show. I could tell she was slightly disappointed but she never really admits her disappointment to me. I asked her if she had fun, which she did, and I asked her how she felt about her performance. Naturally, she pointed out her mistakes (which none of us noticed) but she was able to see the overall picture and recognize her accomplishment and felt good about making it as far as she did. It was a great experience for her and helps her to grow as a performer. I am so very proud of my Aubrey!

I also want to thank all of our friends and family who made a point to come out and see her. The tickets weren’t cheap, and not everyone was able to attend, but it meant a lot to have the support that we did. I like to get pictures of everyone who comes to her performances. I got almost everyone, except for a family friend and my Aunt and Uncle who had to sneak out right when the show ended.

Aubrey and her friend, Aleeyah.
Aubrey and my handsome nephew, Jeremy. These two are becoming very close cousins the older they get (and now that they attend the same school!)
Aubrey and her grandpas (my dad on left, Jeff’s dad on the right). My dad is always the most enthusiastic picture taker.
Aubrey and her Aunt Amber (my sister-in-law).
Family photo. Ryder actually fell asleep towards the end of the show, ha ha.
Mom and Dad with our little starlet.

And here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…Aubrey’s performance! I’m super happy with the new video camera that I got Jeff for Father’s Day. This is the best video we’ve ever gotten at a performance. We were sitting up in the balcony and were able to get this good of quality from there! Hope you enjoy the show!

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