The most creative way to pull out a loose tooth

The most creative way to pull out a loose tooth

It’s Wednesday! How is your week going? If it’s anything like mine, than you are needing a laugh to help get you through the week. While sorting through family videos last night, we came across this hilarious video that took a few years ago (I’d say somewhere around 2011, when Aubrey was just 6 years old). Every time I watch this video, I crack up all over again.

Aubrey had a very wiggly tooth, which was hanging by a thread. She came to us, wanting it to come out, but not really wanting daddy to pull it out. We threw out some funny ideas of how we could extract her tooth for her, one being to tie it to the bullet of a nerf gun and shoot it out. We all laughed at the idea and then Aubrey disappeared upstairs…and returned with a nerf gun! Even though she looks nervous in the video, I can assure you that she wanted to do this. Her reaction was priceless!

Speaking of loose teeth, have I told you about the adorable toothfairy pillows I make?

I made them for my kids and pretty soon, everyone was wanting them, so I listed them in my etsy shop. I buy the designs from a very talented embroidery designer on etsy and she has more designs than you can imagine! If you are a fellow embroiderer, check out her shop!

Happy Wednesday!

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