50+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas

50+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Every Christmas I see my Facebook friends posting the same question over and over:

“What do you put in your kid’s stockings?”

Let me first say that I LOVE putting together Christmas stockings! It’s one of my favorite parts of the gift giving experience. Don’t ask me why; it’s just fun to find little things to stuff inside a stocking that I know will bring squeals of delight to my little people. My biggest problem isn’t coming up with ideas for stockings, it’s keeping myself from overfilling the stockings!

Personally, I don’t believe stocking stuffers should be expensive and elaborate. There so many, many things that can be used for stocking stuffers that are inexpensive but still practical and fun. The dollar bin at Target is one of my best friends! But there are many other ideas I have used that think outside the box of food, candy and dollar bin items.

To start with, every year each child gets an ornament in their stocking. Some years I pick out an ornament to reflect what they are interested in (Disney Princesses, Star Wars, etc). I’ve also gotten them birthstone ornaments and I’ve done homemade ornaments.


My mom used to do this for us when we were kids and when I got married and started a tree of my own, I had quite a collection of ornaments ready to hang! The kids love their ornaments and look forward to hanging them each and every year. This year, we’ve got Harry Potter (my daughter is obsessed with HP), Captain Underpants and BB8.

Pencils are always fun to stuff in stockings (the kids always need pencils and they love character pencils). How cool are these lego pencils that I found in the Target dollar bin?? They have a little lego square strapped around the pencil with Velcro that you can attach a lego man to. My boys are gonna love these! (and we’re hoping they won’t be too big of a distraction during homework time, ha ha).

My kids are really into slime this year! There are kits to make their own slime, and there’s also pre-made. For stockings I went with the pre-made.

Fidget spinners are “the thing” this year and when my son saw a Star Wars fidget spinner at Target, he flipped out! And he was quite upset when I made him put it back on the shelf. This sneaky mom hid it in the cart and tucked it away for stockings!

All I’ve heard about from my daughter is the Harry Potter wand make-up brushes. I told you she’s a bit obsessed!

Here are some other ideas for stocking stuffers, at-a-glance. I broke it down between “kid” and “teen” but many of the things on each list can be used for both age groups. Some ideas can even be used for adults!

Ideas for kids stockings:

  • slinky
  • erasers
  • little lego sets
  • bubbles
  • bubble bath
  • bath toys
  • small notebooks/notepads
  • silly putty
  • gum
  • fidget spinner
  • DVD’s from the $5 bin at Wal-mart
  • a watch
  • bookmarks
  • card games (uno, go fish, etc)
  • glow sticks
  • playdough
  • small flashlights
  • flashcards
  • markers/colored pencils/crayons
  • rubix cube
  • magnets
  • fuzzy socks/slippers
  • coins/silver dollars
  • books

Ideas for teen stockings:

You can use anything applicable from the list above, plus:

  • lipgloss/chapstick
  • make-up
  • make-up brushes
  • nail polish
  • hair accessories
  • pop sockets (for cell phones)
  • CD’s
  • jewelry/accessories
  • coin purse
  • body sprays/small cologne bottles
  • hand sanitizer/travel size lotions
  • fishing lures, hooks, etc (for kids who love to go fishing!)
  • gift cards
  • multi-tools
  • book lamp
  • movie tickets
  • gloves
  • ear buds
  • key chains
  • sunglasses
  • umbrella
  • car freshener
  • duct tape (with patterns/designs)
  • magazines
  • shaving cream/razors/after shave
  • beanies

So there you have it! Hope you got some fun ideas. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

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