Hello! I’m Cassandra.

Mom. Wife. CEO of Jones Household Inc. Seamstress. President of a Non-Profit. Writer of this blog.

These are a few of my titles.

One thing I’ve learned over the past several years is that sometimes life can be hard. Sometimes, life doesn’t just hand us lemons; sometimes life throws them right at us! What we do with those lemons is up to us. No one is immune to challenges and struggles. I have had dealt with my fair share of grief…and lots of hard losses. There came a point where I had to decide for myself how I would choose to deal with the lemons I felt were being thrown my way; I could either choose to let the bitter overcome me-to give in to the grief- or, I could choose to learn and grow from the challenges, to find the sweet and “make lemonade”. After spending more than five years writing my award-winning blog “Dementia Diaries: A Journey With Dementia” (documenting my family’s journey with my mom’s early onset dementia), I decided it was time to focus on the sweeter things in life. So here I am, attempting to make homemade, Jonesmade Lemonade and writing about the sweet things in my life: my amazing kids and husband at the top of the list! I enjoy reading, sewing, crafting, cooking/baking, and I have a passion for helping and inspiring others!

You can read more about my “making lemonade” story by clicking here.

Meet my other Jonesies:



Husband. Dad. Big kid. Mechanical Engineer. Love of my life.

Jeff is a laid back, easygoing kind of guy. He’s the perfect balance for my high strung personality! He is a hard worker and great provider for our family, working as the Director of Engineering at his job. He enjoys being at home with his family, playing games and watching movies. He is a master builder with legos, expert fort designer, and makes the best Saturday morning waffles. He takes great pride in his yard and is a good fix-it man around the house. He is patient (most of the time) and supports of all my crazy ideas. He loves camping and vacationing and he especially loves date nights with yours truly.







Kind-hearted. Compassionate. Sassy. Talented. Pre-teen.

Aubrey is the first of the children I gave birth to. She prefers to answer to the name Hermione and has been known to write that name on her school papers. You might say she likes Harry Potter. Just a little bit. She has a beautiful singing voice and has recently developed a love for musical theatre and acting. She attends a school of the arts where she is refining her talents. She wants to be an actress when she grows up and hopes to inspire other people with goodness. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, often reaching out to others who are lonely or “different”. She has a kind heart and wants to help the hungry and others who are suffering. Don’t let her kindheartedness fool you-this girl is also full of sass and spunk!







Curious. Creative. Friendly. Dad’s shadow. Lego master builder.

I guess you could say Cody is the middle child. Cody is our comedian; he loves to tell jokes and make people laugh. Recently, he’s been trying his hand at magic tricks; watch out David Copperfield! One of his favorite past times is to take things apart and put them back together. He loves to build with legos, even more so when Dad joins him. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up, just like Daddy. He is learning to play both the guitar and the piano and is loving them both! He loves to ride bikes and play outside with his friends, go camping and help Dad with the yard work. Currently, he is mastering the art of mowing the lawn!







Busy. Mischevious. Clever. Rowdy. Bug collector.

Ryder is the baby of the family. You know what that means. He is sneaky and thinks of everything the other two never did. He keeps us on our toes! He is the epitome of boy: cuts and scrapes, dirty knees and elbows, rocks in his pockets. He loves adventure and his favorite place to be is outside. We can often find him fishing on the back lawn with his fishing pole, catching lizards, playing with his bug collection in his room, attempting jumps with his scooter or spying on his family members. He definitely adds spice to our family!






Camina (Cameron and Maurina)

Artistic. Creative. One of a kind. Cat lovers.

These words describe both people. But let’s talk about Maurina first. Maurina joined our family when she was 9 years old. Biologically Jeff’s niece, our adoption was finalized when she was 11 which makes her our oldest daughter, and makes us old parents!¬† She is kind-hearted, creative and has a talent in designing and sewing clothes! Even though I didn’t birth her, she shares many common interests with me; it was meant to be! Currently, she lives with her husband, Cam, while she works and goes to school. She is a great big sister and the kids miss and adore her, especially Aubrey.

Cameron (who we call Cam) is Maurina’s husband and is an amazingly talented artist and graphic designer. He’s creative and smart and quiet, but don’t let that quietness fool you-he’s very witty and funny! He recently graduated with his Bachelor’s degree and works in the graphic design industry.

Cam and Maurina have been married for two years now, becoming “Camina”. They compliment each other nicely. Though they live 3 states away, they make our family complete and you will see them here and there with our family.

These people are my world!


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